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Democratizing co-production of sustainable public services. (Con varios autores) (Sep 2022)

Interlink project

Democratizing co-production of sustainable public services is a hot topic inside public administrations. This work summarizes the approach and first outcomes of the Interlink Project funded by the EC under the H2020 Programme.

Interlink aims to help in our path to a more innovative government and to enhance ctizen co-delivery for the digital single market. Its ambition is to develop a new collaborative governance model that promotes the reuse and sharing of existing public services leveraging on the partnership between citizens, private actors, and public administrations.

The project is funded by the European Comission under the Horizon 2020 initiative. The framework is being developed in a bottom up-process based on the needs of several public administrations.

Keywords: Democratizing public services, Open government, co-creation, co-production, co-delivery, smart cities.

The work can be found here.

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