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Beyond Innovation Districts: Why Peripheral Communities Matter

By Jon Glasco. How and where can cities accelerate innovation as an economic development strategy? In recent decades, many urban leaders...

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Democratic co-production of sustainable public services. Rome. Dec, 14th 2022

Democratic co-production of sustainable public services is an event related to the Interlink project. We focus on new ways of delivering...

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Governance of the Data Space for Smart Cities and Communities. Eurocities Digital Society Forum. 5-7 Oct 2022 (Madrid)

As chairs of Eurocities Data Working Group, on Oct, 6th we moderated the pannel “WG Data: Preparations for a data space for smart...

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Urban design and data: how energy micro-flows shape our cities

The continuous process of urban transformation, which has included multiple works and demolitions over the years, has been possible thanks to the energy flows that converge in the city. Now, we can guide urban decisions by “natural” criteria to make them more efficient. For this, it is key to observe and detect where there are flows rubbing against the territory with enough potential to create life around them. This is the true substratum of an organic urbanism.

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Democratizing co-production of sustainable public services. 23rd Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research. 15-17 June 2022

On June, 16th I will be participating in the the Digital Government Society (DGS)’s 23rd Annual International Conference on Digital...

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Jane Jacobs: Death and Life of Cities

Jane Jacobs’s “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”, her main book published in 1961, still remains a surprising source of ideas covering a multitude of aspects that guide life in cities: the economy, security, habitat, traffic, governance, planning, participation…

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Spring 2020 On-line Program of Talks & Lectures

No travel, no face-to-face events this spring. But we will be sharing screens and ideas anyway. In these hard times, there is a lot to be talking about on urban innovation and smart cities: data, DIY manufacturing, open challenges for recovery, start-ups.

Join us in our next talk:

June, 16th. At the Smart Cities’ Sofa Summits. Talk about “Smart City Challenges for Recovery after Covid-19”

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Master in Collective Housing (MCH) – UPM/ETH

(MCH), an international postgraduate program of advanced architecture design in cities and housing presented by Universidad Politécnica...

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Situationists For Open City Makers

Amongst the “avant garde” revolutionary intellectuals, the situationists were one of a kind. Though they were few, they often were waging battles under the leadership of a young Guy Débord to surpass other contemporary movements such as letterism and surrealism. Their views on urbanism or automation were anticipatory.

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