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Small Communities, Big Ideas: The Evolution of Three Smart Villages

By Jon Glasco.  Megacities like Paris, London and New York capture smart city headlines in recent years, mainly because they are centers...

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Book reviews

Kevin Lynch. The Image Of The City

Kevin Lynch’s “The Image of the City” is a seminal work in urban design that founded in practice a new field of work and...

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Blog, Innovation Districts

Beyond Innovation Districts: Why Peripheral Communities Matter

By Jon Glasco. How and where can cities accelerate innovation as an economic development strategy? In recent decades, many urban leaders...

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open government, Projects, Talks and interviews

Democratic co-production of sustainable public services. Rome. Dec, 14th 2022

Democratic co-production of sustainable public services is an event related to the Interlink project. We focus on new ways of delivering...

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Talks and interviews, Urban Data

Governance of the Data Space for Smart Cities and Communities. Eurocities Digital Society Forum. 5-7 Oct 2022 (Madrid)

As chairs of Eurocities Data Working Group, on Oct, 6th we moderated the pannel “WG Data: Preparations for a data space for smart...

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