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Digitizing Government Ecosystems. De Klik Met De Burger. March, 28th 2023. Mechelen (Belgium)

Digitizing Governments

On March, 28th 2023 I was invited as a keynote speaker at the De Klik Met De Burger event in Mechelen (Belgium) to speak about Digitizing Government Ecosystems.

I was also able to present the work we’ve done during the last 15 years to position Zaragoza as one of Europe’s most innovative & sustainable cities.

A lot of learning, mostly through failure, that I have consensed here in 12 non-technical aspects to think about when transitioning towards a #digitalgovernment

  • Be agile, have a “guerrilla” team with appropriate innovative and risky mindset
  • Innovation ecosystems can’t be planned, but they can be nurtured
  • Be open to adapt to priorities shifts
  • Use your intuition to launch experiments, and KEY data to check & adjust (plan, do, check, act)
  • New services produces new data: be ready and harness it
  • Reuse data and turn it into knowledge and share data to make new things possible;
  • Iterative design
  • Collaborate with smaller frontrunners and find new ways to finance and exploit your services
  • Empathy and creativity to define Win-Win situation.
  • Take care of your workers and colleagues: engage and train.
  • Make solutions reusable and open up your services to others
  • Change management: place matters to change makers

The video of my keynote speech “Digitizing Government Ecosystems. lessons from Zaragoza” is available here.

And a whole summary of the event, including videos to all presentations can be found here.

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