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Jane Jacobs: Death and Life of Cities

Jane Jacobs’s “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”, her main book published in 1961, still remains a surprising source of ideas covering a multitude of aspects that guide life in cities: the economy, security, habitat, traffic, governance, planning, participation…

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The Digital Mile: Past, Present and Future of Zaragoza’s Innovation District

I have been recently invited to speak at “Digital Media City (DMC) International Conference” (to be held in the capital city of South Korea on Sep, 27th-28th) about Zaragoza’s Digital Mile innovation district. Digital Media City is, doubtless, a major achievement in South Korea’s strategic move towards an...

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Jane Jacobs’ predictions about Detroit

Almost a decade after her death, the shadow of Jane Jacobs keeps growing as architects, urban planners and city makers discover (and worship) her acute understanding of how cities work. We owe Jane Jacobs the exploit of placing humans at the center of urbanism, in a time where cities were planned, designed and built for cars. Jane...

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