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Making the most of data: supporting data stewardship in local ecosystems

Data stewardship

On Tuesday, 23rd May 2023, I chair the webinar “Making the most of data: supporting data stewardship in local ecosystems” at Eurocities. This session is part of the activity of the Data Working Group withing Eurocities’ Digital Forum . Data stewardship is a figure recognized by the European Data Governance Act and the webinar is intended to illustrate cities on the importance of such figure with practical examples.


Cities are paving the way in leveraging the potential of data to deliver public benefits and better citizen services across domains such as urban planning, mobility, climate change adaptation and energy flows management. In this context, municipalities have a leading role in effectively and responsibly governing data in ways that safeguard it from harm while delivering value to citizens and communities. It also aligns with the broader commitment municipalities have in the delivery of the European Data Strategy which aims to create a single market for data within the EU for the safe and fair (re)use of data for the benefit of citizens, businesses, researchers, and public administrations.

Stewardship, understood here as the responsible management and unlocking of data for societal value, can play an instrumental role for municipalities. Many stewards are starting to emerge in urban governance (e.g., data exchanges, cooperatives, collaboratives, etc.) but are faced with challenges in forming and scaling, particularly in nascent ecosystems. Barriers include a lack of infrastructure and technical resources, insufficient data capacities and skills, unclear governance mechanisms, budgetary constraints, and data silos.

This session puts the Aapti Institute, a public research institute which examines the intersection of technology and society and hosts the Data Economy Lab initiative in dialogue with cities to explore how to support data stewardship at municipality level. Which strategies and processes are cities putting in place to steward data in a responsible way? Where is data stewardship situated and managed in municipalities? Where are the gaps in supporting municipalities to steward data responsibly?

Practical information

Tuesday 23rd May, 2023, from 12:00 to 13:30.
Registration: here


12 :00 – 12 :10 Welcome / Roundtable
12:10- 12:20 Introduction speakers + context (Justine Gangneux)
12:20 – 12:40 Experience of data stewardship (role/responsibilities, where it is situated in municipality, practical example) in the context of Zaragoza and Cologne.
Daniel Sarasa Funes, Director Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation, Zaragoza
Jayan Areekadan, Multiprojektmanager, Cologne
12:40 – 12:50 Q & A
12:50 – 13:05 Brief definition of concept of data stewardship and brief introduction of city related use-cases
Astha Kapoor, Co-Founder, Aapti Institute
Suha Mohamed, Senior Manager, Partnerships, Aapti Institute
13:05 – 13:15 Presentation stewardship mapper and navigator tools.
13:15 – 13:30 Interactive Q& A discussion focusing on data stewardship to explore common challenges as well as differences in understanding of data stewardship.
13:30 Closing.

Foto de Alexander Sinn en Unsplash

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