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The urban innovation spiral

The time-lapse between two disruptive innovation is shortening, the innovation pace is accelerating exponentially. The quest for new basic energy sources advances quicker than ever: wood, coal, oil, renewables, coltan, lithium… maybe data in the near future (why not?), with most of this research happening in urban innovation ecosystems.

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The art of city making. Charles Landry

“The art of city making”, by Charles Landry, is a brilliant attempt to understand cities with the declared and simple objective of making them better. In its pages, the reader should not expect to find a step-by-step recipe of how to make cities from scratch, but a detailed narrative of how cities can be permanently reconfigured to find its unique spot while keeping its essence.

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Measuring urban innovation

A KPI is not just an indicator, it is a Key Performance Indicator. Keys open doors, as answers do. Before taking out another KPI, think about the importance of the question that your KPI will unveil.

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