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Marshall McLuhan. Understanding media (and cities)

McLuhan explains why the rise of urban middle classes are more effective to defeat dictatorships than embargos or weapons, why revolts come from cities, and why cities are are where social and political changes are baked. In this sense, cities are also liberating tools or, as McLuhan puts it “the work of cities is the translation of people to a more suitable form than of his ancestors “.

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The 5G Digital Divide, by Jon Glasco

5G fervour is noticeably high and immersed in the conjecture that deployment of this technology will increase digital inclusion for people who currently lack access to broadband Internet services. However, the potential benefits of 5G to society at large — and how it might affect social inclusion — are more difficult to define.

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How-to Wi-Fi your city (in 10 steps)

Wi-Fi must not be the best wireless broadband protocol ever, but it’s the most accesible and used. Ever. Okay. So you work for a city, directly or indirectly, and wonder what it takes to create a consistent, sustainable public Wi-Fi network in your place. You have the responsibility to do it or to promote it. …...

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