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The most influential texts on urban design

Kevin Lynch, Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs, Kevin Lynch… I share a very interesting list of the most influential texts on urban design, found in this good article by Hooman Foroughmand Araabi. The list has bee compiled from readings of more than thirty universities in the U.S., U.K. and Australia.

The Image of the City Lynch, Kevin 1960
The Death and Life of Great American Cities Jane Jacobs 1961
Public Places Urban Spaces: The Dimensions of Urban Design Carmona, M, Heath T, Oc T & Tiesdell S 2003
Townscape Cullen, G 1961
The Architecture of the City Rossi, Aldo 1966
Responsive Environments : A Manual for Designers Bentley I. and others 1985
City Planning According to Artistic Principles Sitte, Camillo 1889
Life Between Buildings: Using Public Space Jan Gehl 1971
Urban Design Compendium 1 Llewellyn Davies 2000
Collage City Rowe, C and Koetter, F 1978
A New Theory of Urban Design Alexander, C 1987
Urban Space Krier, R (trans. C. Czehowski and G Black) 1979
The Urban Design Reader Larice, Michael, and Elizabeth Macdonald 2007
A Pattern Language Alexander, Christopher 1977
Learning from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form Venturi, Robert, Denise Scott Brown 1977
The City Assembled Kostof, Spiro 1999
Designing Cities: Critical Readings in Urban Design Cuthbert, A (ed) 2003
Urban Design Reader Carmona, M, & Tiesdell S (ed) 2007
Town Planning in Practice Unwin, Raymond 1909
The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces Whyte, W H 1980
The City of Tomorrow and its Planning Le Corbusier 1924
Making People-Friendly Towns: Improving the Public Environment ins and Cities Tibbalds, Francis 1992
Cities for People Gehl, J. 2010
Garden Cities of To-Morrow Howard, Ebenezer 1902
Design of Urban Space Madanipour, A 1996
Finding Lost Space – Theories of Urban Design Trancik, R. 1986
A Theory of Good City Form Lynch, K 1981
Urban Design Guidance – Urban Design Frameworks, Development Briefs and Master Plans Cowan. R 2002
Urban Design: Methods and Techniques Moughtin, J.C, Rafael Cuesta, Christine Sarris, Paola Signoretta 2003
Urban Design – Street and Square Moughtin, C. et al 2003
The City Shaped Spiro Kostof 1993

In our section about books we have reviewed some of these authors and texts on urban design.

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