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Housing in Google’s Smart City in Toronto

The critics of Sidewalk Labs’s (Google’s real-estate subsidiary) project of creating a Smart City in Toronto tend to focus on its most “Orwellian” aspect: the unjustified large-scale collection of personal data. But few have remarked that housing in Google’s Smart City in Toronto project is tantamount to a swindle.

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Innovation Districts. ¿Growth or Decline?

Innovation Districts are perhaps the most visible physical manifestation of global innovation flows. Yet we don’t believe this to be the final destination. We believe that if we’re to avoid perverse effects, town planning policies that promote economic development need to be decentralized.

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Zaha Hadid’s Pavilion Bridge: Linking Architecture and Smart City

Mobility is an essential side of any smart city strategy, as it is a smart citizenship. But, traditionally, the motor industry around Zaragoza has stood with his back turned to the city. The situation will likely change when the Pavilion Bridge opens its doors and the citizens will be able to interact with the latest developments when they walk through its exhibition rooms.

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Innovation Districts: From Barcelona to Dublin, This Is What I Know

Elections for Mayor are a-coming. With the aim of shaping my contribution to the approaching campaign, I have been reflecting lately on innovation districts. Ours, the Digital Mile (Milla Digital) is unfinished. One tends to think that all innovation districts are, by definition, unfinished. But, seriously, the Digital Mile must be one...

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The Digital Mile: Past, Present and Future of Zaragoza’s Innovation District

I have been recently invited to speak at “Digital Media City (DMC) International Conference” (to be held in the capital city of South Korea on Sep, 27th-28th) about Zaragoza’s Digital Mile innovation district. Digital Media City is, doubtless, a major achievement in South Korea’s strategic move towards an...

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