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Digitizing Government Ecosystems. De Klik Met De Burger. March, 28th 2023. Mechelen (Belgium)

On March, 28th 2023 I was invited as a keynote speaker at the De Klik Met De Burger event in Mechelen (Belgium) to speak about Digitizing Government Ecosystems. I was also able to present the work we’ve done during the last 15 years to position Zaragoza as one of Europe’s most innovative & sustainable cities. …...

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Democratic co-production of sustainable public services. Rome. Dec, 14th 2022

Democratic co-production of sustainable public services is an event related to the Interlink project. We focus on new ways of delivering public goods and services, in particular regarding what concerns democratic an feasible co-production of public services. The discussion will be centered on how to promote sustainable development and...

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