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Democratic co-production of sustainable public services. Rome. Dec, 14th 2022

Democratic public services

Democratic co-production of sustainable public services is an event related to the Interlink project. We focus on new ways of delivering public goods and services, in particular regarding what concerns democratic an feasible co-production of public services. The discussion will be centered on how to promote sustainable development and delivery of co-produced public services through exploitation mechanisms and evaluating the quality of co-produced public services to encourage its wider adoption.

On the same topic, and earlier this year, I had the pleasure to contribute to the paper Democratizing co-production of sustainable public services which highlights some of the challenge at stake when public administrations and cities engage in the co-creation, co-creation or co-delivery of digital public services.

I am glad to participate in a panel of experts in the field to debate how to co-create new public services truly addressing the needs and demands of citizens. The aim is to facilitate their interactions with public administrations, exploring how co-production methodologies and digital tools can be leveraged to give place to a wider and more seamless adoption of public services. These mechanisms can either be driven by bottom-up and / or top-down innovation approaches.

The debate will be open also to the audience. We need their views on the key topics, especially on the barriers that have usually impeded the co-production of public services. The event landing page can be accessed here.


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