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Governance of the Data Space for Smart Cities and Communities. Eurocities Digital Society Forum. 5-7 Oct 2022 (Madrid)

Eurocities Digital Forum Madrid

As chairs of Eurocities Data Working Group, on Oct, 6th we moderated the pannel “WG Data: Preparations for a data space for smart communities – Multistakeholder data governance”, during the Eurocities Digital Society Forum held in Madrid.

The aim of the session was to prepare the member cities to the inminent start of the preparatory actions for actually building the Smart Cities and Communities (SSC) European Dataspace, one of the European Common Dataspaces to be created under the umbrella of Europe’s Data Strategy:

  • on the governance side, the DS4SSC project is just starting. It will run for 12 months, beginning October 2022, and will be coordinated by Eurocities. Other members of the consortium are Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC), FIWARE consortium, and Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Cities members of the Data working group are welcome to participate and provide input to the multi-stakeholder governance scheme that the project tries to build.
  • on the implementation front, the European Commission just opened the call for deploying the future SSC Data Space.

In addition to this, we also presented the data sandbox that we are building in Etopia as a means to experiment with value creation through urban data. Etopia’s Datalab is providing value to our partners in last mile logistics, climate mitigation or street commerce.

Also in the session, our co-chair Cologne, Madrid and Rennes all presented their data strategies and platforms, all casting a special view on the governance aspects.

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