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New Century Cities workshop. Zaragoza Nov, 8th-10th 2012

New Century Cities Zaragoza FZC 2012

From MIT’s web site (adapted):

New Century Cities (NCC) is a joint research initiative among MIT’s Center for Real Estate, City Design and Development in Urban Studies and Planning, and the Smart Cities Group/Media Lab which focuses on a new generation of development projects.

These very large-scale projects are deliberately located at the intersection of technology, urban design, and real estate development. They can be found in New York City, Cambridge (Massachusetts), Belfast Titanic Quarter, Helsinki’s Arabianranta, Masdar City, Copenhagen, Seoul’s Digital Media City, Singapore’s One North, Salford’s Media City (UK), Guadalajara’s Ciudad Creativa Digital (Mexico) and Zaragoza’s Milla Digital (Spain.)

NCC projects are some of the largest developments undertaken since the “New Cities” projects of post-World War II Europe.

What New Century Cities have in common are:

  • They promote innovation to achieve significant social and economic value for their host cities (and, in some cases, countries).
  • Information and media technologies are woven into the design of the cities.
  • They are eminently “livable”.

The result is the creation of spaces and places that attract the younger generation of creative workers to these live/work/play environments that melt the old boundaries in space and time between residential, office, and retail/entertainment real estate.”

The network of New Century Cities will meet and discuss about open-place making on November, 8th-10th in Zaragoza (Spain)

Previous meeting was held in 2009 en Seoul

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