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Cities in globalization. Resilient and open source cities

Western societies, especially in southern Europe, are facing a double crisis: on the one hand, an abrupt economic downturn that, as a consequence of the austerity agenda adopted by the European Union to fight it, has not only been technically aggravated, but has produced the collateral effect of undermining the confidence of the people in their institutions. And cities are prepared and, in some extent they are already performing as such, to be a key actor in this double process of reconstructing our democracies and revitalizing our economies.

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10 keys for planning an innovation district

Whereas you are studying the subject of innovation districts, or just interested in how these new districts are launched, implemented and managed, you might find useful a quick review of what we think are 10 important elements to for planning a succesful innovation district. This post was inspired by former seminars within the network of...

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