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Talks and interviews

Talks and public events 2021

7 de Diciembre. Panel and discussion on “Digital Coordination through APIs”  hosted by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission at APIdays Global Congress (París). 30 de Noviembre. Presentation of the book “Ciudad abierta, ciudad digital” at the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza. 5 de Noviembre....

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Blog, Smart Cities

3GPP: Smart Cities Should Engage With Mobile Standards Developers

A challenge for smart cities is to identify the impact of new standards and technologies and determine how 5G standards development creates (or constrains) opportunities for urban innovation.

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Blog, Technology

The 5G Digital Divide

5G fervour is noticeably high and immersed in the conjecture that deployment of this technology will increase digital inclusion for people who currently lack access to broadband Internet services. However, the potential benefits of 5G to society at large — and how it might affect social inclusion — are more difficult to define.

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Publications by Daniel Sarasa

Urban innovation, smart cities, technology and creativity… Here are some of the works that Daniel Sarasa has published, alone or in collaboration, over some of these important urban topics.

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